Who We Are

Fetching Companions retriever rescue (FCRR) is an all-volunteer, nonprofit, Southern California organization dedicated to rescuing, fostering and rehoming homeless retrieving breeds. We specialize in Labrador Retrievers, but will take in other retrieving breeds from time to time, including Golden and Flatcoat Retrievers, as well as the occasional mixed breed Retriever. Our aim is to rescue dogs of exceptional temperament, regardless of breed, and to find the best possible homes for them. another mission of FCRR is to provide public education regarding the humane care and training of companion dogs, and the benefits to your canine friends and to the public at large of spaying or neutering.

We're are a federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public benefit corporation and meet the corresponding California requirements for nonprofits.

If you're interested in our foster dogs, click here. If you'd like to adopt one, click here; When you've filled out the online application describing your desires and your home environment, it will help us find the best dog for you.

If you have a dog you wish to place in a new home, click here. If you've lost or found a dog, click here.

If you want to help us save the lives of homeless dogs, we're always in need of volunteers (particularly fosterers), and we rely upon public generosity to supply the funds we need to operate. You'll find the appropriate links in the frame to the right.

Please note that we operate within and place dogs exclusively within Southern California; we do not place dogs outside this area.