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Patrick is a cute black Lab. His coat is thick and glistening.  He is about as cute as Labs come.  He’s very happy and very lovable.  He’s about 8-10 months old and is just a little under weight for a lad his size, weighing in at only 50 pounds.  We’ll provide him 2 square meals a day and put some meat on those ribs of his. He definitely has some growing to do and we suspect he’ll be average size for a male Lab. He’ll grow to be tall and should stay lean with an appropriate amount of exercise.

Patrick is a very nice boy!  He knows sit and down. He waits patiently for his ball to be picked up and thrown.  This boy loves to retrieve. He will drop his ball on command and wait respectfully for another throw. He is not shy of loud noises and passed the SAFER temperament test with flying colors.  He has a nice confidence level and is a pure joy.  He seemed non reactive to barking dogs as we walked through the shelter.  He is more interested with people and wants to play.

Patrick is a respectful guy, however he could playfully knock down small children so we’d need to be sure mom and dad keep a watchful eye out if children are in the home.  We do think he would love children.  He needs an active family who will run, walk and play with him; after all he is still just a pup.  Continued obedience training is a must for adoption. This guy is going to be a great family Lab.

Patrick is neutered, up to date on his vaccines and is micro-chipped.

Better get your application in-- Patrick will go quickly!

what's he doing here?
Status- Available)

What the heck is Fetching Companions, a Lab rescue, doing with a tiny terrier mix? I don’t know-- he's such a cute little guy that I guess we just lost our collective heads

Wringing wet, Scruffy weighs in at a little over 11 pounds and is about 3 years old. He's neutered, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines, though he'll need a parvo/distemper booster in a couple of weeks. He's had an application of Vectra, so he's free of fleas. We've had him examined by our vet, who pronounced him healthy.

He was a stray, taken in by a young woman in Paramount. She couldn't keep him, so she called several rescues, none of whom returned her call, except for us. When we saw the photos, we couldn't resist, but hadn't banked on his diminutive size. Normally we'd keep him until placement, but we have a wrought iron fence with 5 or 6 inches between stiles, so even though it's absolutely Lab-proof, Scruffy can easily walk right through it. The upshot of this is that we can't take him in the yard without having him on a lead, so it's not so much fun for him here. Thus we're hoping another rescue, another fosterer or an adopter with a gap-free fence will take him in.

He's a sweet little fella, a real cuddler who craves human attention. He's a bit barky with other dogs, but this doesn't appear to be much more than a minor noise problem. He's housetrained and, being a smart little guy, quickly learned "sit." He's a demon tennis ball fetcher, which is a real hoot to watch, as a tennis ball is so darned large relative to his size. His favorite stuffed dog toys are the ones bigger than he is.

Think about it. Give this little guy a loving home! Do it and you’ll get a boatload of love in return.

Please contact us at or 888-412-3382 if you’re interested.

Come on--you know you're interested. Bring some cuteness into your life. Besides, your Lab needs a diminutive sidekick.

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Samson and his buddy were both owner turn-ins as the family got a puppy and no longer wanted the older dogs. Why some people regard dogs as disposable is beyond us.

He's 9 years young and full of love,hugs and kisses. He adores his humans and follows them everywhere. He lives in his foster home with 2 other dogs and gets along well with them, isn't pushy and doesn't want to be alpha, he fit in nicely immediately.

Samson was an outside dog but not any longer--he now enjoys all the comforts of his foster home, loves his new dog bed and sleeps at night on the floor next to the humans and his foster brother. He's learned to do his business outside and uses the dog door to come and go as he pleases. He was a little overweight when he came to us but he has lots of room to roam now and is gradually slimming down. He loves to trot around the yard, chase birds and bark at the passing horses. He also likes to play with toys and his humans but hasn't learned to play with the other dogs.

Like a true lab Samson loves meal time but has learned to sit and wait like a gentleman to be given the signal to dig in. He's a polite eater and takes treats gently from adults of children.

He had his check ups at the vet and is healthy. He has excellent teeth, they were obviously taken care of. He has a harmless fatty lump and has some early indication of a little arthritis but all normal for a boy of his age. Daily jont supplement won't stop the progression in its tracks, but should slow it way down. The vet believes Samson kidneys don't function like they did when he was a puppy, so he drinks a lot of water then needs to urinate right after but nothing that needs any medical care, just access to go out when he needs to do his business.
He'll make a wonderful family dog for anyone lucky enough to take him home. He is very low maintenance, easy to have around and just loves to be with humans, laying at their feet or on his bed nearby. He's good with adults and children, isn't the least bit pushy and is looking for some to take him home who will love him and enjoy his peaceful company.

Samson is neutered and up-to-date on vaccines, so he's ready to go!

Big Toby
Status- Available)

Big Toby is looking for his forever home. Weighing in at about 95 pounds, this gentle giant is about as goofy as they come! Toby is neutered and micro-chipped and we believe to be between five and six years old. Unfortunately, these past two and a half years have been pretty tough for Big Toby. He's been shuffled around between different shelters, rescues, and fosters, this guy really needs a permanent place to call home.

Toby is no worse for the wear though, this dog has an endearing spirit that is contagious! He's a pretty laid back kind of pooch, who enjoys just hanging out. He will quietly keep you company, while you catch up on those household chores, and at TV time, Big Toby loves to snuggle. Beware though, when the fetch toy appears, Big Toby puts on a whole different persona! He has a surprising "hound dog" bark that will make you laugh, and he will fetch relentlessly until you let him know the game is done. Toby also loves to swim just about as much as he enjoys playing fetch.

Considering all Big Toby has been through, he is a well adjusted dog. In the past, Toby has been reactive towards other dogs, so he needs to go to a home where he will be the only canine. Toby is crate trained, reliable with his obedience, and easily managed when crossing the paths of other dogs. Because of his size, Toby needs a home with no young children, however, chickens are okay!

Toby is currently living with his trainer, Kimberlee Esler of The Trained Canine, in Moorpark, Ventura County, Ca. Kimberlee will assist Toby and his adopters in making the transition into his new home.

If you're interested in Toby, please complete an online application at

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My name is Marty, and I'm a 4-5 year old, male, yellow lab.  I'm a big guy, tipping the scales at 105 pounds!  I've been told that I look like the famous "Old Yeller," but frankly, I don't think he holds a candle to me.

 I am so thankful for Fetching Companions because they literally saved my life!  I am a proud dog and I don't like to talk much about my past, but I should tell you that I do have some baggage.  I used to think that all people were mean and scary, and when they made me feel uncomfortable, I would warn them off.   

My dad and I were found wandering the streets, so we were taken to the shelter, and that's where Fetching Companions found me.   I've been living with my trainer, Kimberlee Esler of The Trained Canine, since I left the shelter.  She has shown me that people aren't bad, and I have learned that warning them off isn't necessary.  I have also learned some manners along with a few tricks, and this really fun game called "Fetch!"  I am much more relaxed these days and I've learned that life is good.

My trainer, Kimberlee tells me that she absolutely adores me, so she wants me to be adopted by someone living near her in Ventura County.  She thinks I should be an only dog and shouldn’t be with cats, since I don’t like them. Because I’m still a little unsure of myself, I’m uncomfortable with young children. Kim says that my new person should be an experienced dog owner, and that they will need to do follow up training with her in order to help me continue to be a perfect gentleman.

Status- Available)

Meet Ariel--Ellie for short. I am a beautiful black mellow lab thought to be 8 yrs old which is a wonderful age! I am the luckiest girl. I was rescued from a shelter on what they tell me is “my last day.” I am told I am a wonderful girl and a very easy foster dog. If you are looking for a girl with no bad habits to break that would be me! I do not dig, chew , take food off counters, have accidents in the house or bark too much. I love my furry foster brother and all people that are nice to me. I can stay home alone inside for hours with no problem and take a nice nap. and not be destructive while alone. I am fine in a crate but do not need one. I ride quietly in the car and love car rides. I feel so lucky that FCRR found me. I came in as a stray to the shelter which is a very scary experience for any dog but especially for see...I am visually impaired. I can not see well because of cataracts...just like older people. There were so many dogs barking and scary noises and smells. It was horrible. My other senses are great and probably better than dogs that can see. Life is so much better now but will be even better when I find a forever family of my own.

I enjoy belly rubs, walks and time with family. I am a very confident girl and do not let my vision issue slow me down at all. I had my foster home figured out in 2 days. I am told I have started a daily walking program and diet to drop a few extra pounds and am so excited about how good I feel. I currently weigh 90 lbs and should be a healthy 80lbs. My foster mom says it will be piece of cake to make that goal weight.

I am looking for a home that is filled with love and attention and I promise to give lots of love back. It can be a home with or without other dogs. If you think you might be that home please email FCRR as I am anxious to find my forever home.

Status- Available)

Yoski The Water Dog.

Sometimes it takes a village and all the stars were aligned for Yoski. Yoski is nine years old and blind and was abandoned at a high kill shelter by his family. It took two rescues and several volunteers to organize his freedom. Well worth the work, Yoski has that wonderful Labrador Retriever personality.

While we are not making excuses for petty theft, he has been known to walk off with a phone or television remote. He says he thought it was his toy and blamed his lack of sight. No charges have been filed. He loves the hose and water, swimming, eating and napping. Not necessarily in that order.

Yoski has great house manners and is child and dog friendly. He will be available to join that special family soon. Yoski will come complete with six empty water bottles (his favorite toy), two tennis balls of his choosing and a hose. Sorry, child not included.

Yoski is diabetic and requires insulin every day to keep him healthy. The injections can easily be done by anyone; no medical skill is required. Insulin can be bought pretty inexpensively over the counter at any Walmart pharmacy.

Status- Available soon)

Kai‘s jet black coat sets off his lovely brown eyes beautifully.  He’s long and lean, weighing 72 pounds, and is about 1-1/2 years old.  This guy loves to play fetch.  He’s super sweet and lovable. He has that happy-go-lucky quality we love so much. 

Initially, he was timid about getting into cars, but now jumps in to enjoy the ride.  He did beautifully on his first long drive to the countryside from the city. He decided to give the pool a try; he exited pretty quickly since it was probably new to him.  We expect he’d enjoy the beach and playing in the waves. 

He has a very graceful gait, moving like a canine breeze.  While he loves to play; he settled down at our feet quickly to take a nice snooze.  He’s a great boy!

Kai is brand new to Fetching Companions Retriever Rescue so we’re still getting to know him.  We introduced him to 3 Retrievers and he did great.  He’s still a bit shy and needs to learn some manners, so we’ve enrolled him in a training program at K-9 101 Consulting.  There he will learn proper manners, build up his confidence, and will be crate trained as well.  We’ve asked our trainer to cat test him.  Please check back on his progress.

In spending some time with Kai, we think he’d do best with a family who is active.  We could see this guy with someone who enjoys running as much as he does.  He’s a young lad so he will do best with a family who is not gone long hours. 

He will able available soon for adoption.  Please check back on his progress.  We think this sweet guy will go quickly, so be sure to complete your online adoption application as soon as you can at

Baby Bella
Status- Adoption in progress)

Bella is a cutie pie female Lab puppy.  She has the most beautiful brown eyes that express her cute personality.  She is just a baby at 7 months old and weighs in at 42.8 pounds.  This girl is super sweet and kissy.  Bella is all puppy—she runs, plays and jumps!  Yikes-this little cutie needs puppy training and socialization.  She is a shy little girl with strangers, so her training needs to include confidence building.  She does warm up to strangers eventually, with wiggles and kisses.

Bella is brand new to Fetching Companions Retriever Rescue.  She knows “sit” and is doing quite well with “come.”  She takes treats very gently and is crate trained.  We’ll know more about her house manners in short order.

Bella is spayed, micro-chipped and current on her vaccinations.  She will be available soon for adoption.  Bella will need a puppy approved home which means she cannot be left alone for long hours.  Her training is also a must for adoption.

Please stay tuned for updates from her foster mom.

Status- Adoption in progress)

Gene is a beautifully bench bred English Yellow Lab.  He’s totally a hunk!!  Gene is a super -sized puppy at 11 months old, weighing in at 88.2 pounds.  He’s lost almost 10 pounds in the short time that we’ve had him at our rescue.

Gene was brought in to the shelter by his people.  Their reasoning is a head scratcher-- “he’s a puppy with no manners.”   He was taught by his people that these ill-mannered behaviors were cute and okay.  Funny how it wasn’t so cute when he grew to his current size.  He would have benefited greatly from puppy training when he was just a babe.  

We’ve enrolled Gene at The Barkley Training Academy with well known behaviorist Vendy Fris.  He is doing beautifully!  He’s very smart and has a huge heart.  He loves to give sweet kisses and is just a love bug!  Gene enjoys playing with other dogs his own size.  He does like small dogs; however his size could be too much for a little doggie.  He also loves children, but again not too small as he could playfully knock a little one down.  Gene has captured our hearts and he’s sure to capture yours as well.

If you can provide Gene with patience, lots of love and attention then please do complete an online adoption application. He needs a puppy approved home which means he cannot be left for long periods of time.  Puppies need their people around the home.

Status- Adoption in progress)

Jett is an absolutely wonderful 8 year old boy. He's in great health (especially after a bit of surgery) and loves to entertain his humans with silly antics.

He had a spinal condition called cauda equina. For those familiar with orthopedic terms, it's caused by the disc at L7/S1 pinching the spinal nerve bundle. It wasn't causing Jett a great deal of difficulty, other than some back pain and some minor muscular atrophy, but there was very bad news down the road. He would have felt more and more pain as time went on and would have gradually lost control of his rear legs and his bowels.

But no matter, generous donors underwrote the cost of surgery to permanently fix the problem, so he's as good as new and will now have many happy, confortable years. He'll need no special care and can be allowed to run and jump just like any other dog.

Status- Adoption in progress)

Rehn is a beautiful bench-bred English male Lab.  He is about 5-6 years old and has a beautiful thick jet black coat.  He is a cuddly teddy bear “cute,” with beautiful copper eyes.  He’s trimmed up since he’s been with FCRR and weighs in at about 80 pounds.  He has a love for life and his ball!  This boy loves to play fetch.  Rehn is house trained and behaves nicely in the house.  He walks great on a leash. 

This sweet and wiggly boy loves all people, big and small. 

He is at The Trained Canine polishing up on his manners. He’s a kid at heart and just wants to play.  His trainer, Kim said she is in “love.”  Kim says he is “goofy, wiggly and a whole lot of fun.”  Everyone who meets him thinks he is adorable.

This poor boy was turned in to the shelter by his people because he dug when they would leave him in the backyard for an extended amount of time.  We’re sure Rehn’s digging was out of boredom.  He is very smart and needs a home where he will be a true family member.  He would do best as your only canine companion. He likes to chase cats so no kitties please. Rehn loves people most of all!  We would like to see him with a family equipped with children as he just loves to play and play.

Rehn is ready for his forever home.  He is neutered, micro-chipped and up to date on his vaccines. 
English Labs go quickly.  Please complete an online adoption application at to meet this wonderful boy.

Status- Adoption in progress)

Meet Reese! He came to us as a senior hospice dog from a local shelter. Sad and emaciated, they were sure he must have been ill.

Reese was not at all sick, just very malnourished. You barely even notice he he has a bit of arthritis now. My awesome vet, Dr. Creighton, has made us promise we will keep his weight around 60 lbs to keep him spry, though like most labs he loves to eat. Reese is super handsome, calm and loves to bake in the sun! Reese lives with dogs of all flavors and personalities and gets on great with everyone. He has a very nice, mellow energy about him. Lots of life and love in this 10 yo chocolate boy.

As an added bonus, Reese gets 2 paws up from Little Pumpkin for going to a family with kitties. My cats love Reese and enjoy chillin' with him.

Reese would do fine in a condo or smaller home, with some outdoor access. He is very quiet for and will not offend the neighbors!

Please contact Leslie, his foster mom 818-738-6751 or, if you would like to meet Reese. Home check and adoption fee apply.

Status- Adoption in progress)

What a handsome lad Strider is! He's got a glossy black coat, a beautiful physique, and weighs in at a perfect 68 pounds.

He's a little unusual, being one of the best behaved two-year-olds we've had. That's not to say he isn't a brat, it's just that he's bettter than most.

Strider loves people and other dogs. One of his favorite activities is to play chase games with his foster brother, Seamus. Watch for an upcoming video for some wild running. When you see it, you'll note that he likes to be the chasee rather than the chaser, and Seamus is happy to oblige.

Cats? Well, he likes to chase them but probaly wouldn't hurt them. If you've got a feline, he can without doubt be trained to get along, but it would require time, patience and persistence.

Toys? Boy, does he love them. He's never met a squeaky toy he didn't like. He'll run around the yard squeaking them like crazy, though he'll eventually disembowel them, leaving tufts of white stuffing and castoff squeakers all over the lawn.

Health? This boy is in prime health; his vet exam disclosed absolutely no problems.

He sits nicely for meals and takes treats gently, but he needs further obedience training. He's reasonably good on-lead with a correcting collar, but his leash manners still need refinement.

If you're in the market for a young'n who's not a super-brat, Strider may be for you.

Status- Adoption in progress)

Meet Gisele! Gisele is a beautiful purebred Weimaraner senior. She was rescued at the last moment from a high kill Los Angeles area shelter. She had been turned in with no reason given, although we suspect it was because her former family did not have the money to treat her multiple lumps and bumps. Weimaraners tend to get a little lumpy when they age, some more than others, and Gisele did have quite a few of them. We were worried that she might have something serious, but of course we took her anyway, and hoped for the best. Our prayers were answered when we discovered, after having the most suspect lumps removed, that none of them were malignant or dangerous in any way! She does still have some lumps that have been tested and found to be harmless, but they don’t affect her overall health in any way whatsoever.

Gisele is a very loving dog, and like most Weims she LOVES her people! She is being fostered with 2 other dogs, and gets along very well with them and other dogs at the dog park and play dates. She LOVES balls and will carry a tennis ball around with her. She can find a tennis ball in a yard, even if it is buried in the bushes, she can sniff them out.

Gisele is going to make someone a wonderful pet! She is spayed and microchipped, up to date on vaccines, now all she needs is a forever home to call her own. If you are interested in meeting Gisele, please send an email to

Status- Adoption in progress)
click here to see video!

Seamus (pronounced SHAY-muss) is a cute stray from the Long Beach shelter. He's a very playful guy, aged about 3 years. At the same time, he's submissive and shy; he's unsure of his position in his foster home, but gains confidence with each day that passes.

He's got something in addition to Lab in his lineage, so his ears are a bit short and his head shape just a touch different, but has a nice Labbie temperament.

He's probably 15 pounds overweight, so he's on a diet, but he seems very fit and healthy, with no sign of orthopedic problems. We guess that he was subjected to corporal punishment, as he's a bit hand-shy, but we think his psychology is robust enough that this will fade as he grows more comfortable.

He's fine but shy with humans and plays comfortably with our girl Penny

He can be a pretty silly boy, as you'll see in this video. . He REALLY loves tummy-rubs, by the way.

If you're interested in this cuddlesome guy, please drop us a line at

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